Buyer Information: Items Needed To Make an Offer

You’ve searched online, viewed properties that your Realtor has sent to you, toured countless homes, and you’ve finally found it! The ONE! Now what?

Items Needed from You:

  • Your legal names and the correct spelling
  • Who is purchasing this home – just you, or with someone else – and how you will take title
  • Who your lender is and their contact information(email also)
  • What type of loan you will be getting
  • How much your lender requires for the down payment
  • How long your lender will need to complete the loan (this helps to determine the day you will become a homeowner, and when you can move in)
  • How much money you will be depositing for earnest money
  • If you have a preferred title and escrow company.
  • How much your closing costs will be (if you are asking for the seller to help you to pay for your closing costs) – your lender will have this information

Most of these go hand in hand and we can easily get with one simple phone call so if you don’t know the answer I can find out for you!

·We will need your Pre - approval at time of offer and then at acceptance the earnest check!

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