Buyer Information: Under Contract

I am under contract what do I do Now?

WE stay with you Every Step OF The Way!

It is very important to obtain a letter of qualification from your lender within a specific price range before viewing properties. Having this pre-approval strengthens your Buy/Sell offer for negotiations. Terms vary from lender to lender. Many unique programs for borrowers, Dr’s, First Time Home Owners, Vacation Homes, Condos. No 2 lenders are alike.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to decide or seek out a home inspection. Typically cost between $350-900 depends on square footage and location/inspector. Inspection for the presence of radon gas, generally cost additionally $175.00

It is vital that you engage a qualified home inspector. We will provide you with a list of local inspectors. Schedule the inspection, and we urge you to be present during the inspection (one of us is always present) these usually last 2-4 hours depends on size of home. After the inspection you will get a type written report all the pictures and we will go over the report with you and give notice to seller if any required safety or fire hazard provisions are found and if needed re-negotiate contract because of the results found.

Insurance you will need to get insurance on your new home, before the end of the contract. We urge you to seek out who ever you’re currently with on your current home or auto first. IF not we have wonderful local companies we would love to share with you! Feel free to contact us.

Utilities in Ohio we find the cable and internet especially a hard one to get set up. Often causing a 2 week delay! We urge you to set this up as soon as we get a clear to close on your property. Same with all the others. WE will be happy to give you a list of providers in the local area.

Possession The buyers generally takes possession on the property when the deed is recorded. Or whatever is noted on your contract. Possession is not the time you sign your contract. Most times it’s the next business day after noon! If Vacant and if someone lives in the home usually 30 days later.

Movers Schedule your movers after you know your loan as processed and you have been approved for the mortgage. We often get a tentative date for a closing. This is a good time to start to call the moving companies to get it set up. WE often to do not get a firm close date till often 48 hours prior to closing. But being pro-active will make this smooth.

Your lender will give you a call or final number on closing figures. You will need to bring a certified check to closing if bringing any funds to the table. Also you will need 2 forms of legal identification.

Closing usually takes about 1 hour.

Congratulations you have bought a home!

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