Buyer Services

You’ve found your way to Ohio. Our state is a special place to live. We take pride in letting you know the special locations, schools, growth and most of all the paradise Ohio has to Offer.

When you go to Homes By Ann it is a global search. What does this mean for you? It means not only will you get all the homes in the mls (multiple listing service) you get the homes listed by all the Realtors, in the state! You get the power to search globally. I have the tools to help you relocate, anywhere. Search by, lifestyle want a pool search homes with a pool. Want acreage search homes with land. Want to live life by a lake. We have that too. Today a buyer needs all the tools to find a home, location and the information needed to make a decision to go and look at a home.

We Pride ourselves on our complete, top notch buyers representation. We can help you through the entire purchase and settling process, inspections, title search, interior design, and many other consultations.

Define your dream home and let us do the work to help you find it today. We will provide you with as much information possible to narrow your search down. If you have special requirements then please detail them to us. We can even preview the home(s) for you prior to your viewing of the home, saving you money and time.

We provide pertinent research and market data to help our clients understand the comparable sales in the area, access to the availability of shopping, bike paths, parks, and information on schools.

Areas We Cover