Buyer/Seller Inspections Guide


1._____The doorbell does it work? Is it loose?

2._____From the ground, look at your roof for missing shingles. Chimney?

3._____Are the gutters and downspouts loose, damaged, or clogged?

4._____Are ventilation screens at the attic gable and soffit vents in place and undamaged?

5._____Are there any cracks in the foundation walls?

6._____Does any exposed wood need painting?

7._____Are there any wires (electric, cable, phone) hanging loose on the exterior siding?

8._____Are there any holes or other damage to siding, doors, and windows?

9._____Are exterior outlets protected from weather and not in permanent use for landscape lighting or irrigation controls?

10._____Are retaining walls cracked or leaning?

11._____Are there trip hazards in walkways, driveways, and stairways from deterioration, damage, or storage?

12._____Are guardrails and handrails loose or damaged at stairways, decks, balconies, and porches.


1._____Are bathtubs, showers, and shower doors damaged?

2._____Do carbon monoxide detectors work?

3._____Do smoke alarms work, and are they are present on each floor of multi-story houses and in each bedroom?

4._____Are kitchen and bathroom countertops loose?

5._____Do doors (including closet doors and cabinet doors), drawers, and windows work?

6._____Is there missing, loose, or damaged hardware on doors (including closet doors and cabinet doors), drawers (stops and guides), and windows.

7._____Are glass panes loose or cracked in windows and doors?

8._____Do latches/locks work on doors (including closet doors and cabinet doors), drawers, and windows?

9._____Are screen windows damaged?

10._____Is there excessive storage in closets, attic, or garage?

11._____Are there any holes or other damage to walls and ceilings?

12._____Are there any unexplained moisture stains on ceilings and walls; around doors and windows; near sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers; and near the dishwasher?

13._____Are guardrails and handrails in stairways loose, missing, or damaged?

14._____Are baseboards and door and window moldings loose, damaged, or missing?

15._____Are any tiles (floor, walls, and countertops) loose or damaged?

16._____Do all kitchen appliances work?

17._____Is there soot, cobwebs, or wildlife in the fireplace and lower areas of the chimney?

18._____Does the fireplace damper open and close easily?

19._____Do you have any receipts or warranty papers for any work done on the property, particularly for inspections and work done to prepare the property for sale?


1._____Do all the stoppers work in bathtubs and sinks?

2._____Are any drains clogged or abnormally slow?

3._____Are any toilet seats loose or damaged?

4._____Are faucets dripping or leaking around the base?

5._____Do your faucet handles have a stop action on them?

6._____Are any hot and cold water pipes reversed at sinks, bathtubs, or showers? (Cold on the right, hot on the left!)

7._____Is the caulk or grout in sinks, bathtubs, and showers all black and cracked?

8._____Do you have safe and easy access to water shutoff valves (street curb, water heater, sinks, toilets, etc.).

9._____Do you have safe and easy access to gas shutoff valves (meter, furnace, water heater, etc.).

10._____Are toilets loose at the floor?

11._____Are toilet tanks loose?


1._____Do you have safe and easy access to electric panels?

2._____Do ceiling fans work on all speeds?

3._____Do ceiling fans wobble or make weird noises?

4._____Are all light bulbs working?

5._____Do you have any damaged or loose outlets or light switches, including covers for outlets and switches?

6._____Do you have a lot of extension cords and outlet multipliers?

7._____Do all outlets work?

8._____Do you have outdated two-prong outlets?

9._____Do you have GFCI outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and exterior?

10._____Do exhaust fans work in kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry area?

11._____Do all electrical junction boxes have covers?

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