Seller Information: Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Our Clients Receive a finely Crafted Marketing Plan that will ensure your home is viewed by the largest number of qualified buyers.

The best Visual Presentation

·Staging: Your home will be evaluated together we will come up with a plan to ensure your home appears in a “move in” condition or “ready to buy” condition for buyers. We also will recommend what to de-clutter, clear out of cabinets, or drawers, or bathrooms, or counters, over stocked furniture or filled garages.

·Photography: Every listing is evaluated and we hire only the best, we create art in your home with interior and exterior footage. Stunning capture, high-resolution HD photographs are the most important as homes are often viewed and lost on the internet. We showcase your home in top position.

·Floor Plans: The entire home will be discussed, it is possible it may have sold before do to lacking reasons on details of square footage not correct. Furniture placement not set up the way a buyer would perceive the home as open and not cluttered, the tips are to sell your home and we are not emotionally connected to your home as you are so we are able to help you with this in a professional manner.

·Video: We hire a top of the class video producer we do high end lifestyle video, we choose different ways to showcase your home. Each home is different and each home receives a personal story. Your home will be showcased with people, or 360’, or production, I assure you it will not be stitched together pictures you see mostly today.

·Digital Print: We have a magazine called Lifestyle’s we create, print and promote and distribute to the community. We are bringing the community back into Real Estate, People and helping businesses grow.

·Broker to Broker Marketing: Research shows that most buyers work with a real estate agent, even when doing their own research on-line. WE focus on this important step as a networking advantage as to let or real estate community be introduced to a new home that has been listed, a new feature, a community, a new price, building interest, sometimes we even can get it sold before its officially on the market. Excitement in advance is building more interest promoted more broadly but only effective if done correctly and with the right audience.

·The Best On-Line Presentation: Once everything is in place and all the work is done. We will get your home globally placed. Your home will be custom, individual, highlighted with the best images syndicated to over 260 Internet sites. Ensuring the Largest number views we can receive.

Areas We Cover