Seller Information: Isspections Guide

·Make sure all interior and exterior light fixtures work.

·Provide access to the water heater and electric panel.

·Install a new AC filter. It will be looked at during the inspection and be considered as part of the overall condition of the furnace or the heat pump.

·Ensure all windows operate smoothly. If some are stuck or painted shut, the impression will be that many windows cannot open.

·Replace all damaged window screens.

·Tighten all doorknobs and tighten or repair all handrails, also check to be sure all interior doors will latch to the strike plate.

·Make sure the attic is accessible, the inspector will enter the attic

·Be sure that there is a minimum of one smoke detector per floor and that it is in proper working condition

·Divert all water away from the house, i.e. down spouts, sump pump, condensation drain, etc.

·Remove mulch from contact with siding, preferably 6 or more inches of clearance.

·Remove rotting wood/firewood from contact with the house.

·Clean out dirty gutters or debris from the roof.

·Make sure all plumbing fixtures are in proper working order with no leaks.

·Check that toilets are secure to the floor.

·Check that bath vents are properly vented to the outside.

·Install GFCI receptacles near all water sources; check present GFCI receptacles for proper operation.

·Remove paint, solvents, gas, etc. from crawlspace, basement, attic, porch, etc.

·If the home is Vacant Home make sure you have turned on the Utilities!

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