Seller Information: Moving Tips

The Following is a list to help you identify some of the things to think of prior to a move. Remember, the sooner you get started, the easier it will be!


·Obtain estimates from professional movers we suggest 3 and or packers

·Assemble packing materials(bubble wrap, newspaper, various sized boxes and tape)

·Measure your furniture decide where each piece should go in your new home. Making floor plans are fun and easy we have new ways with internet.( we often help or relocating clients with following or traveling to help them find a new home seek us first before talking to any Realtors)

·Inventory your possessions and decide what you are taking with you and what your selling

·Arrange utility to be shut off and what is to transfer to your current location. Receive any refunds, deposits, connections can take up to several weeks for cable and networks.


·Give your forwarding address to the post office

·Notify your insurance companies, charge accounts, subscriptions, friends, and relatives, realtor

·Change information on pets, tags, driver’s licenses, and important personal and or DR., dentist and community information etc.


·Obtain and copy all school records and get transferred to new school

·Determine what information is needed to register for school

·Register in a timely matter


·Banking: arrange for a checking account in your new community and transfer at least one account till you decide if you like this branch and have time to find a local bank.

·Medical: Obtain any and all medical records, go to local hospital and pick up your free copy of x-ray’s for your family and transfer all prescriptions

Things you should leave for the buyer:

1.Owner’s manuals for items left in home

2.Warranties for any items left in house

3.Garage door openers

4.Extra sets of keys and all copies

5.Code to alarms in the home and the garage code

6.When the garbage is picked up and where?

7.Any other information that may be helpful possible a light switch needs turned on a certain way, or where the screens are kept for the windows.

8.Helpful information that will make a smooth transition for the buyer of your home.

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